Worn out


The accelarator pumps on the 32 PDSIT dual carbretors were not working together as they should.  So I checked and found this rod worn out.
This wear is the cause of the difference of movement with the left and right pumps.
I fixed it by welding it.


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Street VWs


"Street VWs" is, as you can tell by the name, a Japanese magazine that specializes in air-cooled VW.  We have been putting an ad on every issue since we started Mybows.
This time, we put an ad a little different from our previous ads.
Anyone living outside of Japan who would like to buy an issue of this mazgazine, don't hesitate to ask.  We'll get one for you.
But It's a little exvensive, though...


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When I visit the States, I always go to a toy supplier for buying VW toy cars.  I have been buying them from same supplier in California.

This is T-3 fastback.  It's a made to look old on purpose.  I see a lot of these types of "old look" toys these days.

This window looks nice, huh?

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She seems to be happy...

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My lovely cat Pero, has been with me for around 10 years.  It was after I named her that I found out "Perro" means "dog" in Spanish.
We also sell products so when new items come in, I take pictures of them to put on our online-shop and also for using on our shop ads.
When I take these pictures, I lay a cloth to use as a background for the images.  Almost every time I do this, Pero comes and lies on the cloth, making herself comfortable.
Umm... you're in the way.
But I'm used to it now.


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Ribbed bumper - U.S. Trip


I was looking for a ribbed bumpers for a friend but when I found one, it was made of fiber glass...

Too bad...

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Brooom style racing


"MAZDA ACCESSORY" that had been making special parts for Mazda cars used to develop air-cooled VW parts.

They have discontinued producing those VW parts which is a pity because they had many fine products.

This is one of them.  The exhaust manifold made from 304 stainless steel.  The best point is that it never rust.


If you install a steel manifold (made in China), it will rust easily in humid Japan.

Anyway, I bought all of what was left of their products in their warehouse.

I wonder what I should do when they sell out.  Maybe I should make them...

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Yesterday, the products I bought on my last U.S. trip arrived.  It was over one ton.
Our close customers came and helped me organize them.
It was extremely hot in Tokyo and it seemed like it hit hard on everybody.
Thanks, you guys!
I'll be even more busy for a while taking pictures and uploading them onto our website.

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Fan motor - U.S. trip


This is something I was looking for.  A fan motor for a heater on a late model bay-window buses.
If I were to use this on an older bus, I'm guessing that I could build a nice heater system.
Don't you need to buy a Webasto heater system anymore?
Anyway, I'll try it.


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Sun down - U.S trip


I was walking around and buying more and more things at the swapmeet.  It's tiring but it's also a lot of fun for me.
The sun went down before I noticed it.
This event will go on tommorw and I pondered whether I should camp here or go back to the city once to check into the motel.


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Hibachi - U.S. trip


This is something I found at a swapmeet.  "Hibachi" is Japanese and this is used for heaters...though I'm not sure.
Anyway, it is the name of an old Japanese heating utility.
"Son of Hibachi"??
I'm guessing that this is used for barbeques?

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Madman - U.S. trip


He's crazy!  He removed the tires from the wheel using just hand tools!
When I told him I don't need the tires, this is what he did.  And so, I was able to buy just the wheels.
Anyway, I always go around looking for 14 inch wheels for buses.  I use them after completely repainting them.
Going back to the guy in the picture, he was the most amazing guy at the swapmeet in Bug-o-rama.

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Rusty bug - U.S. trip



This is a bug I found at an event in Sacramento.  I really like these kind of rusty cars.


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Something I was thankful for - U.S. trip


When I go to the states, I can’t find any drinks that are not sweet (except water) at the stores. That’s tough for us Japanese.

I found Japanese tea at Costco in LA. I also found tea in cans!

Something I was thankful for is being able to get Japanese tea in the states for a cheap price. I bought a case of 24 cans and drunk all of them in about 2 weeks.


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US trip 2010 - U.S. trip



I have gone again to California this year, as I do every year, to check the VW product market and participate in a VW event. It was a trip less than two weeks long but I was constantly moving about and had no time to really rest, but because of that, I was able to get the most done business-wise on this trip out of all the other previous trips.

Thanks to my friends in the U.S., I was able to have wonderful experiences.


The first thing I always do after arriving in the States is eating at In-n-out  burger as usual.


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