Interior light

When I visit the States, I always try to have dinner with my Japanese friend that lives in Irvine.  This time, we went to Hooters on his Intermeccanica.

Usually, I don't have the oppotunity for riding in the passenger seat, it was so exciting for me (especially because he drove really fast).

I found an interior light on the dashboard of his car.  So I gave him one of the LED light bulbs that I brought for friends in the States.  He was happy and I was glad of it.


My Mickey-chan, however, doesn't have an interior light on the dashboard and instead has this emblem.  What does this say?


I decided to install an interior light for early buses on Mickey-chan.  It fit perfectly!

It looks great and very useful.

I left the light on for 5 hours to test if the aftermarket brand plastic lens will endure the heat from the LED light.
There were no problems at all.

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