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Before I write about my Kyoto trip, I have to write the rest of the topic on Sushi.


I forgot the name but it's a sushi dish that uses salmon with curry sauce on top.  I love this as well.  Anyway, you can't eat this kind of sushi in Japan.


This is an example of a very traditional Japanese sushi dish.  On left is "uni" and on the right, "ikura".


The daughter of the friend that took me to this restaurant was the one that wanted to order ikura.  I had one of the two ikura sushi and this ikura was different from the ikura used in sushi at restaurants in Japan.  Traditional ikura used in Japanese sushi restaurant are salted but the ikura used at this restaurant was prepared with soy sauce.  This ikura was good but I'd like her to try traditional ikura at a sushi restaurant in Japan.

Anyway, I was able to have a great time with them.  Thank you!

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