I went to participate in an event called "VW AUTUMN" held in Kyoto on September 19, 2010.  It was my first time having a booth at an event in west Japan.  It was very interesting for me because the event was a bit different from the event I usually go to in Tokyo and surrouding prefectures.  The event was held by "wolfsburg kids" which is a VW club in west Japan.

It wasn't as big as some VW parties but the location was very good, away from the cities up in the mountains.  The weather was also good, actually, too good that it was hot!

P9196225.jpgSo, I'll write about what the event was like.P9196224.jpg

There was a car with the "Spiral exhaust system" I wrote about before, installed for demonstration.  The stainless exhaust system had been used for a while and so it had a nice-look, unlike the one I put in my blog (because it was just installed and threfore unused).




I don't know that many people in west Japan, and at this event I didn't have helpers like I usually do (I went there alone), so it was really nice of the members of the VW club, Migaki-tai ("Polishers"), to help me with the set up and clean up at my booth.   At the end of the event, it was raining but that didn't stop them from lending me a hand.  I greatly appreciated their help.


At the swap meet, the booth of my big brothers(lol) at FLAT4 was about the only booth held by a company.  Most of the booths were booths of small shops and regular VW owners.


Event participatants took part in a big game of rock-paper-scissors.  The winners got prizes courtesy of us swap meet participatans.

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