Swap meet booths at the event







Now, THIS is what I call a SWAP MEET.


This man here, called Shokei-raider ("execution-rider") is a great VW engine builder of west Japan.

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Cars at the event



Cafe buses like these can be seen in almost any VW event in Japan.









Amazing!  This is what I call a slammed bug!




This blue bus is my favorite at the event.

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I went to participate in an event called "VW AUTUMN" held in Kyoto on September 19, 2010.  It was my first time having a booth at an event in west Japan.  It was very interesting for me because the event was a bit different from the event I usually go to in Tokyo and surrouding prefectures.  The event was held by "wolfsburg kids" which is a VW club in west Japan.

It wasn't as big as some VW parties but the location was very good, away from the cities up in the mountains.  The weather was also good, actually, too good that it was hot!

P9196225.jpgSo, I'll write about what the event was like.P9196224.jpg

There was a car with the "Spiral exhaust system" I wrote about before, installed for demonstration.  The stainless exhaust system had been used for a while and so it had a nice-look, unlike the one I put in my blog (because it was just installed and threfore unused).




I don't know that many people in west Japan, and at this event I didn't have helpers like I usually do (I went there alone), so it was really nice of the members of the VW club, Migaki-tai ("Polishers"), to help me with the set up and clean up at my booth.   At the end of the event, it was raining but that didn't stop them from lending me a hand.  I greatly appreciated their help.


At the swap meet, the booth of my big brothers(lol) at FLAT4 was about the only booth held by a company.  Most of the booths were booths of small shops and regular VW owners.


Event participatants took part in a big game of rock-paper-scissors.  The winners got prizes courtesy of us swap meet participatans.

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O-sushi - U.S.trip

Before I write about my Kyoto trip, I have to write the rest of the topic on Sushi.


I forgot the name but it's a sushi dish that uses salmon with curry sauce on top.  I love this as well.  Anyway, you can't eat this kind of sushi in Japan.


This is an example of a very traditional Japanese sushi dish.  On left is "uni" and on the right, "ikura".


The daughter of the friend that took me to this restaurant was the one that wanted to order ikura.  I had one of the two ikura sushi and this ikura was different from the ikura used in sushi at restaurants in Japan.  Traditional ikura used in Japanese sushi restaurant are salted but the ikura used at this restaurant was prepared with soy sauce.  This ikura was good but I'd like her to try traditional ikura at a sushi restaurant in Japan.

Anyway, I was able to have a great time with them.  Thank you!

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Kyoto trip


R0011462.jpgLast weekend, I visited Kyoto for participating in a VW event.  It was the first time for me to actually make a real visit-like visit to Kyoto.  I had gone to Kyoto on a school trip back when I was in middle school but it was very brief and it didn't allow me to really see what Kyoto is like.

I had experienced many wonderful things on this Kyoto trip and I very much enjoyed it.


I took over 600 pictures during my four-day trip.  I plan to share them on this blog and also write about what it was like at the VW event and sites in Kyoto I visited.

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Sushi - U.S. trip



Some of the suppliers I visit on mt U.S. trip are not only suppliers but also friends to me.


Last time when I visited in the States, one of them took me and his family to a sushi restaurant.  In my opinion, most shshi restaurant in the States are a little different from those in  Japan.


But the restaurant my friend took me to was closer to the sushi restaurant in Japan.  On top of that, it was very nice.

Of course there were menu that would seem strange to regular Japanese, but those creative dishes were good as well as the traditional Japanese dishes.

To let you know, avocados aren't used in traditional Japanese sushi.  Did you know that?



This is a "crunchy roll," one of the creative American suchi dishes that I really love.


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Spiral exhaust system


This exhaust system is from a Japanese brand called "GALEA".  It's all stainless and is top-quality.


If you're using this muffler, you can also install an oil pump with an oil filter.

Unlike some exhaust system, it dosen't hang down and get scraped on the road so it's recommended for low riders.

If you're interested, you could order it through me but it's very expensive for over-seas customers with recent yen rate and everything!


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Nippon Piston Ring


This is a cylinder kit, made in Japan by a company called "Nipponn Piston Ring (NPR)", for aircooled VW engines.  Before, it was in the market but recently they're hard to get.  I got these last time I went to the U.S.

You might ask me, "Since it's made in Japan, can't you buy it in Japan?" but no, I can't. 

I love this high quality product.

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Via Kyoto




On Sunday, I checked my bus with Gen (my employee) for my trip to Kyoto.  There is an event there this weekend.  We checked, made small ajustments and replaced some parts all in one day because I didn't have time other than on Sunday, being always busy with customers' cars.




Not having checked my bus in a long time made me think that you really need to get your car checked once in a while.

I took many pictures of me and Gen checking my bus and I plan to take lots of pictures during my trip as well.  I'll write about it after I get back so be sure to read it!

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Cup holder


This was made by a couple of my customers.  Their original cup holders for bay-window buses.  A collaboration done by a metal professional and a professinai on fabric-work.  I heard that the cloth is used in the German army.


I sold these cup holdrs at my shop and they sold fairly well.  If you're always lost on where to put your drinks, this might work for you.

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I'm looking for a front mount to use on a customer's bus.  It will be used on a bus of which the AT was just ovwrhauled.




It could be for buses '73-'75 or '76 and later.  Of course, it could be NOS or a used one in good quality.


If you have any information, please let me know.

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Day off


I got a day off last sunday and went surfing.  Of course, I went to the beach on my '66 bus.  The last time I took a day off before was back in May.  I'm a total work-a-holic!

Along this surfing, I had a good time with my friends enjoying a BBQ as we always do when we go to the beach.

The beach we usually surf at is not like a tourist spot in California or Florida.  It's a beach out in the countryside, quiet and refreshing for a guy like me working in busy Tokyo.
What do you call "INE" in English?

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Mongoose & snake


A toy made by Hot Wheels that lets you race two cars.  It seems to be an old product recently remade.


This looks really fun.


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Vending machine

What foreigners are surprised about when they come to Japan is that there are vending machines everywhere.  Of course, there's one at my shop, too.


The color of the vending machine had been painted to be the same color as my bus.  It's not normal for a vending machine to be painted olive green but I don't want things that others also have.

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