The VW shops in west Japan I visited

I stopped by at  some VW shops in west Japan during my Kyoto trip.  I don't usually have the opportunity to meet the owners of those shops so I had been wondering if I could visit them this time.  Of course, I coudn't visit all the shops but I was able to go see a few.


Garage Iwase


They located in Kasugai in the Aichi prefecture.  They have always been purchasing good products from us.  Their friendliness encouraged conversation and I had a good time visiting them.





What a great shop name!  The owner of the shop is a really hot guy with character!  He took me to dinner and we had a good conversation on topics unrelated with VW.





The owner and I had met at the event in California several times before but I completely forgot his face (sorry)!  I took a picture of my bus that I parked in front of his shop, making the picture seem as if it was a picture he took of his cars on sale to put on his website.





The owner of this shop is a really honest guy!  Actually, I wasn't planning on going to this shop but the owner of Manny's recommended me to stop by because a great tour spot is very close to where they're located (about two minutes away).


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