P7243762.JPGI exchanged clutches for some hundreds of VW cars and, as is known, there aren't many throw-out bearings (for VWs up until 1970) that are in good quality, including the German brand (Sach's, Meyle and Luke) ones that come in several different types.  There used to be good bearings maybe around ten years ago.


When the operating shaft is an aftermarket product, it's difficult to find a bearing that will work well with the operating shaft.  Problems you have when they aren't compatible are strange noises from the bearing and/or the bearing and shaft wearing out (the one in the picture is German).


So, lately I've been using this sleeve to modify clutches (used for VW cars 1971 and on) in order to use them instead of the old clutches on VW cars made before 1971.  This works very well because the clutches for VWs 1971 and on are more advanced than the ones before 1971 and so the new clutches fit better.


All bearings on the photo are used for years 1971 and later but each are of different brands.  Bearings are in better quality after 1971.  We always use Sach's (not Brazilian made!) or Meyle (not shown on the photo) brand ones with genuine operating shafts and long length operating levers because they allow you to build a good clutch system. 

The best part about taking this method is the feel of the clutch when it's actually used.


I've already used this method on several cars and haven't had any problems.  My customers are all satisfied with the result.

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