It's been seven months since I started selling LED for VWs and I've sold quite a lot of them.  Most are bought by VW owners in Japan but I also get lots of questions and a few orders from foreign countries.


I've also installed them at my shop.  When turn signals are involved, the installation gets complicated a little but with a lot of installing I succeed in completing the process.  The LED lights are extremely bright, leading to safety for the drivers and other cars around them.  LED bulbs are recommended for owners of old VWs that are worried about cars behind them. 

I've installed these bulbs on many VW cars but, of course, I haven't yet had experience installing on all years and models.  My recent experience was installing this.


 A taillight holder for a '70-'71 Karmann Ghia.  The head of the LED bulbs is a bit too large for the holder so I had to go through the hassle of enlarging the hole so the LED would fit.



This is what it looks like when you turn it on. 

Installation is possible.  It's just that it's a hassle.  That's my conclusion.

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