Tea break 2010

Last sunday, I took part in a VW event called "TEA BREAK 2010" annually held in Shizuoka.  I was able to get a booth right next to FLAT4's and had a excitement going on at the event to lift up the VW sprit!



We have had heated competitions with them in VW product sales.  It's a good match, they being one of the largest companies in Japan selling VW products and we being a small but powerful company with trusted technical knowledge that comes from actual experience in the shop garage, providing maintenance and repair services which is not within thier capability.

The two that at the event that day were guys that I know and can talk with so I was able to have a fun "battle" and our customers probably enjoyed it too, for the entertainment and the discounts.


This event isn't that big, only having been held ten times. 








The evnet space is located about 250km from Tokyo, in the Shizuoka prefecture.  The highway route to Tokyo gets jammed with heavy traffic in the afternoon on Sundays and last year it took seven hours to get back.  So this year, we killed time in Shizuoka before we headed back to Tokyo.


We decided since we came to Shizuoka, this would be a great occasion to have something Shizuoka is famous for.  This is what we had, an example of an "unagi(eel)" set you'd get at a nice unagi restaurant in Shizuoka.  It's about US$40.

As expected, our way home was smooth with much less traffic than last year, though that doesn't matter  much because I wasn't driving this time.  My customer, also a friend of mine, did.

Anyway, I had a great day!

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