To enforce safety

Changing the bulbs to your car to is good for regular cars but even more so for VW with small, harder-to-see taillights.  If you love your VW and also care about others around you (like if you think about the driver behind you and if he/she can clearly see when you turn your turn signal on), installing LED bulbs can greatly reduce your worries.



In this article, I'll write about when I installed LED bulbs on Oval taillights.  The Oval I worked on this time had rusty reflecters.  This was a problem when the Oval had normal bulbs because the reflecters didn't allow the light to reflect properly providing poor visibility, but with bright LED bulbs, rusty reflecters won't degrade the performance of the bulb.

P1171408.jpgWith no lights on


With just the taillights on


With the break lights on


With no lights on


With just the taillights on


With the break lights on


It's hard to show how efficient these LED bulbs are by the photos but, you have to trust me, they're excellent.  The Oval owner loved them.

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