Cargo lock mechanism (Split window bus)


These are the door lock mechanisms for the side cargo door of early buses.  The rod won't move properly, causing the cargo door problems opening and closing, due to parts used for the mechanism being worn down.  I'd like to get replacement parts to replace the worn out parts but there aren't any available so I take the mechanism apart and fix parts I can work on.


Door lock mechanisms are made not to allow tampering with components inside but I scrape off the rivets and take the cover off.


This is the part that was worn out.  I thought of fixing it by welding it but I couldn't weld it.  I wonder what it's made of.  It doesn't react to magnets and it's a sort meterial but probably not alminum.  The lever that slides against the part is steel and so, with that steel lever being harder than the other material, the lever scrapes the other part causing that part to wear out.  It makes me wonder if they didn't think VWs would be around for more than 50 years.


Anyway, after reacing the conclusion that I can't fix it by welding it, I was lost on what to do until I thought of making this.


Scraping off the worn out area,


I made it so I can fit this original part on.


Using screws, I fastened two points.  This'll prevent it from turning.


Checking to see that it moves smoothly, I grease it thoughly, put the cover back on and weld it.



You may have guessed but this procedure is quite a hassle.  These mechanisms come in many different styles and the interior are all different.   Here is photos with a different mechanisms.

Oh, how I hope for either replecement door mechanisms or at least replacement parts for the interior to be available soon.

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