Cargo lock mechanism (Split window bus)


These are the door lock mechanisms for the side cargo door of early buses.  The rod won't move properly, causing the cargo door problems opening and closing, due to parts used for the mechanism being worn down.  I'd like to get replacement parts to replace the worn out parts but there aren't any available so I take the mechanism apart and fix parts I can work on.


Door lock mechanisms are made not to allow tampering with components inside but I scrape off the rivets and take the cover off.


This is the part that was worn out.  I thought of fixing it by welding it but I couldn't weld it.  I wonder what it's made of.  It doesn't react to magnets and it's a sort meterial but probably not alminum.  The lever that slides against the part is steel and so, with that steel lever being harder than the other material, the lever scrapes the other part causing that part to wear out.  It makes me wonder if they didn't think VWs would be around for more than 50 years.


Anyway, after reacing the conclusion that I can't fix it by welding it, I was lost on what to do until I thought of making this.


Scraping off the worn out area,


I made it so I can fit this original part on.


Using screws, I fastened two points.  This'll prevent it from turning.


Checking to see that it moves smoothly, I grease it thoughly, put the cover back on and weld it.



You may have guessed but this procedure is quite a hassle.  These mechanisms come in many different styles and the interior are all different.   Here is photos with a different mechanisms.

Oh, how I hope for either replecement door mechanisms or at least replacement parts for the interior to be available soon.

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To enforce safety

Changing the bulbs to your car to is good for regular cars but even more so for VW with small, harder-to-see taillights.  If you love your VW and also care about others around you (like if you think about the driver behind you and if he/she can clearly see when you turn your turn signal on), installing LED bulbs can greatly reduce your worries.



In this article, I'll write about when I installed LED bulbs on Oval taillights.  The Oval I worked on this time had rusty reflecters.  This was a problem when the Oval had normal bulbs because the reflecters didn't allow the light to reflect properly providing poor visibility, but with bright LED bulbs, rusty reflecters won't degrade the performance of the bulb.

P1171408.jpgWith no lights on


With just the taillights on


With the break lights on


With no lights on


With just the taillights on


With the break lights on


It's hard to show how efficient these LED bulbs are by the photos but, you have to trust me, they're excellent.  The Oval owner loved them.

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When changing the muffler from a normal one to an aftermarket one, a common poblem you get is the heater hose ripping due to vibration from the engine causing the hose to rub against the hole on the engine tin.

This is how you can fix this prpblem.

You can get this smart little thingy probably at a home improvement store like Home-depot for less than 50 cents.

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Installed a T-2A muffler on a T-2B


Bay-window buses 1972 and on at VW dealer in Japan have T-1 engines instead of T-4 engines.

I wrote before about installing the Vintage Speed muffler for T-2A.  I wanted to see if they can be installed on bay buses 1972 and later.

T-2A and T-2B differ in the body shapes where the engine is installed and I didn't know if the their muffler would have compatibility problems or not.


I got the opportunity to install it on a 1974 bus.  In result, the installation went smoothly!



This looks good!

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5th annual Street VWs Jamboree

"Street VWs," the Japanese VW magazine will have their fifth annual "Street VWs Jamboree," the biggest VW event in Japan on April 3, 2011 at Odaiba, Tokyo.  "Street VWs Jamboree" attracts VW-lovers from all over Japan and from foreign countries as well.  Visitors can enjyo a carshow, swap meet, and catering services operation on VW vehicles.

April in Japan is not too hot, not too cold, and not too humid which makes it a goor month for enjoying other locations and activities as well as going to the "Street VWs Jamboree."

We will have a booth, of course, and we'll even have a openhouse party at our garage the day before the event!  Feel free to stop by and join us!!

We'll keep you updated on our web and on this blog.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about our party or the event.  We'll clarify any uncertainties as much as possible.

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An amazing vehicle came to us yesterday!  It's this trike on the picture, made by a German company called "BOOM," and it was my first time to see one other than on photos.


I installed a genuine electoric distributor kit on this trike yesterday.


When I install the kit, I always use a CB's blue cap and Taylor's 8mm wires with the kit as well.  I really love this kit for it's reliability and durability.

Unfortunatelly, the kit is no longer available from VW.  It's already less than 30 kits that we have left in stock now.

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