Exhaust Gasket


The photo is of reproduced exhaust port gaskets wich you use between exhaust pipes (muffler) and cylinder heads (VW part number 111 251 261B).


What's different between the left and right ones is that the one on the right has a piece of paper-like material between the metal plates (same for genuine ones), and the one on the left (which has been out for a few years) only has the plates.  I'm guessing there has been lots of people in the business that were disappointed with them.

This tyoe of small parts are things you can't usually make specific orders for, so you don't know which you'll get until you get them.

But I tried looking for the right ones, asking many suppliers I work with.  There was only one supplier that has them so I ordered a lot because I don't know if I'll be able to order them again tha next time I'm looking for them.

It was so so, no problems anyway.  Sometimes the distance between the two holes on bith sides of the gasket are not right, causing the stud bolts not to fit properly.  The holes to these gaskets were fine and they worked alright.


I would never want to use the paper-type gaskets.  They are the gasket that often come with exhaust pipes from EMPI.  They are completely useless, breaking easily with heat, and they can be hard to take off the next time you want to replace them.


The other day, I got these gaskets from a supplier in Canada!  Over 400 of their German NOS gaskets.  They are nice, and thick!  Man, I'm glad to have got these.


I think you could tell the difference just by looking at the ones in this photo.

It's very detailed stuff, I know, but this is my job.

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