Pin kit for Brosol fuel pumps


This picture shows a Brosol fuel pump.  They're doing well in the market and they can be used so-so but these have possibility for a big  problem.


The problem would be of the pin coming out, as shown in the picture.  It will of ccaurse cause the engine to act as if you were running out of gas and then completely stop.

Sometimes it would be just fine but of the pin comes out when you're out, that'd be frustrating.  I don't think having an extra pump in the car is something everybody does.


A friend of mine (Japanese) made this to help prevent the problem.  Like genuine pumps, the pin is held by clips from both sides, preventing the pin to come out.  When I install Brosol pumps or when I work on a VW with a Brosol pump that hasn't had prevention method applied, I tell the owner about it and have them allow me to fit it into their VW. 


There are three types of Brosol pumps for T-1 engine and the pin holder lits my friend made work for all three, though in some cases you may need to modify them a bit.


This is a Bocar pump (use with a short pushrod. A same type in the top photo) also made in Brazil.  These are made so the pin doesn't come out.

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