Ultima taillight

I tried installing LED lights on a bug's big taillight bulb holder.  The big taillight is available in several types and this time, I used 3-bulb-type holder.

Ultima edition

The bug, the test car I used, is the final edition VW Mexico made before they stopped selling bugs.  The final bugs were called "Ultima Edition" and VW Mexico made 3000 of them.  They have special bulb holder (Chromed type).


I was able to fit the biggest LED bulb we sell on the bulb holder, which is a nice surprise!  The plate inside the lens is really close to the bulb, but installing a big bulb wasn't impossible.



How is that?

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Oil cooler seals


Leaking engine oil from an oil cooler is a pain.  There are cases where a puncture on the oil cooler is the problem, but most of the time it's a worn-out seal.


All of the oil seals in the photo have the same part number 113-117-151A (021-117-151A) and is used on VW engine cases made in '71 and on.  This seals are available from many different manufacture companies in various countries.  Some seals could be made by German companies but could turn out useless.

So, Can you tell which one is the best to use?   Can you?
After having years of experience and running into many problems, I've got my answer.  When I  order products to suppliers, I choose carefully.
But recently, it's hard to find what I'm looking for...

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Pin kit for Brosol fuel pumps


This picture shows a Brosol fuel pump.  They're doing well in the market and they can be used so-so but these have possibility for a big  problem.


The problem would be of the pin coming out, as shown in the picture.  It will of ccaurse cause the engine to act as if you were running out of gas and then completely stop.

Sometimes it would be just fine but of the pin comes out when you're out, that'd be frustrating.  I don't think having an extra pump in the car is something everybody does.


A friend of mine (Japanese) made this to help prevent the problem.  Like genuine pumps, the pin is held by clips from both sides, preventing the pin to come out.  When I install Brosol pumps or when I work on a VW with a Brosol pump that hasn't had prevention method applied, I tell the owner about it and have them allow me to fit it into their VW. 


There are three types of Brosol pumps for T-1 engine and the pin holder lits my friend made work for all three, though in some cases you may need to modify them a bit.


This is a Bocar pump (use with a short pushrod. A same type in the top photo) also made in Brazil.  These are made so the pin doesn't come out.

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Volksworld Magazine (UK)


I received the latest issue of "VOLKSWORLD" magazine today from the UK!


Our LED bulbs appear in a "Staff Project" article.  I'm so glad to have them introduced and it made me feel even more enthusiastic about doing business targeted to people overseas.

Currently, the only foreign events I go to are the ones in California, but I'd like to start going to events of countries other than the US as well.  VOLKSWORLD Show is right before the Jamboree event in Japan so I won't be able to make it, but I'd like to participate for the first time in the European Bug-in this year.

I find it wonderfully amazing to become connected with different parts of the would through Volkswagens!

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The whether changed from rain to snow in Tokyo today.  We don't usually get  much snow in Tokyo.  It's mostly sunny during the days in winter.  But it's still cold (about 5 degrees Celsius,  40 degrees Fahrenheit).


My cat has not moved from her bed today.

After winter comes the Jamboree event!!

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Exhaust Gasket


The photo is of reproduced exhaust port gaskets wich you use between exhaust pipes (muffler) and cylinder heads (VW part number 111 251 261B).


What's different between the left and right ones is that the one on the right has a piece of paper-like material between the metal plates (same for genuine ones), and the one on the left (which has been out for a few years) only has the plates.  I'm guessing there has been lots of people in the business that were disappointed with them.

This tyoe of small parts are things you can't usually make specific orders for, so you don't know which you'll get until you get them.

But I tried looking for the right ones, asking many suppliers I work with.  There was only one supplier that has them so I ordered a lot because I don't know if I'll be able to order them again tha next time I'm looking for them.

It was so so, no problems anyway.  Sometimes the distance between the two holes on bith sides of the gasket are not right, causing the stud bolts not to fit properly.  The holes to these gaskets were fine and they worked alright.


I would never want to use the paper-type gaskets.  They are the gasket that often come with exhaust pipes from EMPI.  They are completely useless, breaking easily with heat, and they can be hard to take off the next time you want to replace them.


The other day, I got these gaskets from a supplier in Canada!  Over 400 of their German NOS gaskets.  They are nice, and thick!  Man, I'm glad to have got these.


I think you could tell the difference just by looking at the ones in this photo.

It's very detailed stuff, I know, but this is my job.

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Worn out


This was taken off from a different mechanism.  It's heavyily worn down and one side no longer works at all. 

It's be great if there were products to replace just the worn out area.

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