To prepare for a blackout

Nothing will get accomplished without taking action.  Right now. I just have to try harder than before in doing what I can do now and keep looking ahead.  I've been away from my regular garage work for a few days since the first earthquake, but I've returned to work the day before yesterday.

I made a donation to the Red Cross.  I'm cutting back on electricity.  Now, I just have to keep doing the tasks I have before me.


For now, the area I'm located in hasn't had any planned blackouts but nearby prefecture are.  They are taking turns having power outrages, for up to three hours at a time.  In preparation for a blackout, I've made the light shown in the picture, usinf fully-charged batteries and an LED light bulbs we well for VWs.  LED uses little energy so it'll hold up for a long time.


I have a car radio and an antenna (Bug's) as well, to allow myself to stay informed of any news released on the radio.

Even without power, having a little light and sound will make a big difference.  I haven't used them yet, though.

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