We had a Chevrolet waiting in the parking lot for seven years to be fixed but I never had the time to work on it. 

Then it ended up being sold.  A little disappointing but , well, we all have so much to do in so little time...

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Seize the day

Things are slowly getting back to normal.  I'll get back to writing about subjects that aren't about our earthquake disaster.


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A lot of aftershocks have been occurred in Tokyo. but the number and size are not to be concern.

Moreover, I am accustomed to earthquake.  For a while. after the first biggest quake hit Japan, I ran from my shop holding a shop cat when big quakes occurred.  But recently, I only turn off a Kerosene heater!


Spring is coming but I know winter is not over yet...

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To prepare for a blackout

Nothing will get accomplished without taking action.  Right now. I just have to try harder than before in doing what I can do now and keep looking ahead.  I've been away from my regular garage work for a few days since the first earthquake, but I've returned to work the day before yesterday.

I made a donation to the Red Cross.  I'm cutting back on electricity.  Now, I just have to keep doing the tasks I have before me.


For now, the area I'm located in hasn't had any planned blackouts but nearby prefecture are.  They are taking turns having power outrages, for up to three hours at a time.  In preparation for a blackout, I've made the light shown in the picture, usinf fully-charged batteries and an LED light bulbs we well for VWs.  LED uses little energy so it'll hold up for a long time.


I have a car radio and an antenna (Bug's) as well, to allow myself to stay informed of any news released on the radio.

Even without power, having a little light and sound will make a big difference.  I haven't used them yet, though.

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Save electricity


I've been staying at my shop since the earthquake on the 11th, going home only 3 times to take showers.

There hasn't been any serious damege in Tokyo, but transportation is still down or restricted and it's hard to get food and gasoline.  This is the first time I've been in such a situation!!

To add to that, we have a shortage on electricity so areas in Tokyo and surrounding prefectures are taking turns having a scheduled power outage.  For now, we haven't had a power outage here where my shop is but I'm doing the best I can to save electricity.



I have no word to say on above photos... 

Spring is finally coming but it's still cold in the prefectures up north where the earthquake hit...

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We, Japanese are still in a state of confusion.  New earthquakes ave occurred in various places.  When they occur, I run from my shop holding my cat if it seems like a large quake.

Anyway, we can't be too careful...

For now, I have no trouble doing oversea-shipping.

I'd like to apporogize ahead of time in case we get orders or other e-mails from overseas and can't respond right away.



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It has been announced today that the Japanese VW event, "Jamboree" scheduled on April 3. 2011, will be postponed.  The new date is not yet announced.  It's very disappointing but there's nothing we can do about it in the current situation in Japan.

I hope for everything to return to normal soon and to have events again.


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From Overseas

quake.pngMany rescue staff and volunteers are coming from foreign countries to help.  I'd like to thank them.

According to the current news, it's been confirmed that 2000 died and over 10000 are still missing.  There are also power plant issues and there are people risking their lives to deal witn them...

There's not as much damage in Tokyo, where we are located, but there have been more new earthquakes in various parts of Japan so we can't be too careful.  Japan is a country that is known to have many earthquakes but this is my first time to experience a series of earthquakes as serious as this.

We have to stand strong.

I am encouraged from the many message and phone calls from my VW friends overseas and am truely thankful of everyone's consideration.

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A HUGE earthquake hit the north of Japan.  It was a real scare but my shop was fine.

For now, the TV news program said over 1000 people had been confirmed dead and 641 missing.  Also 1426 people are injured in the earthquake and the tsunami...



I got lots of thoughtful messages from friends in foreign countries.  I really appreciate them.

We, Japanese has to confront this terrible situation. It will take more time until Japan gets back to normal.

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I got order from a Bay-bus owner to fix his steering gear box.  An owner of a '70 bay-bus wanted his poor steering gear  box to be repaired.

As you may know, there is no new gear boxes to T-2As in the VW market except the NOS ones you may find if you are lucky enough.

However difficult the situation, the bus owner had a serious problem and I had to immediately fix it somehow.  I got a rebuilt gear box in the States last time I visited.  Now with experience, I don't trust any "rebuilt" items made by unknown companies.  The gear box I got in the States was so cheap and, even without experience at the time, I had doubt about the quality but I decided to take a chance.

I took it apart for inspection and sure enough, it was...JUNK.




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LED interior light on the Ghia


This was how looks normally.  It was a little different from the ones on Beetles.  I found a photo of this type dome light on other blog and it says this round type dome light used in the trunk for Ghias.  I've never seen it in the trunks in my VW life...



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GOTCHA Morning cruise

VW cruise Chiba

We've said we'll be having an open-house party the day before the Jamboree show.  Well, a VW shop called Strollers located in Chiba had a morning cruise a week ago.

It's one more month until the show.  The VW market here is inevitably starting to heat up!

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Jamboree show


I received lots of posters and flyers of the biggest VW show held by the publisher of the Japanese VW magazine, "Street VWs".

We have to work hard to get the event heated up!  I've already reserved three booths and I'm plannning to use one of them just for products from VINTAGE SPEED.  Fair enough because the president of VS will prepare a product as a prize for the winner of the Jamboree show.

Man, am I pumped up for the show!

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