Sending the sweets to a shelter in Miyagi

I've already written about having bought sweets with the money Mr.Leonard donated, so now I'll write about sending th sweets.

I considered sending the snack food to a shelter in the city og Onagawa, Miyagi.  But I thought, "Since Onagawa is in Miyagi and because there's a VW shop in Miyagi called Juice UP I have a good relationship with, why not hace them take the sweets directly instead of having people I don't know take him.  Gosh, I'm always full of great ideas!!"

So, that's what I decided to do.

I called up an owner of Juice UP and asked, "Hey, your place is close to Onagawa, isn't it Kimura?"

In reality, he told me you have to drive abut an hour a half to get it to Onagawa, but he kindly accepted the job.  So I sent the snacks to his shop.

And within a few days, I was told the sweets had safly been delivered.

Below is what he wrote in his e-mail.

I was finally able to deliver the sweets today.  It turned out that most chelters are already aupplied with everything, and I finally went tto a shelter near the nuclear power plant (at an elementary school in Ishinomaki).

The children were away because it was a schol day so I handed the sweets to a fishman staying at the shelter.  He was very kind.  He said "Please send my word : Thank you very much."

The photos below are sent from Kimura (the owner of Juice Up).








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